Zod Juul Charger USB Type-C


$23.00 $20.00



Zod Juul Charger Key Features

  • Chargeable with all USB Type-C devices
  • Fast charge
  • Keychain
  • Pod holder
  • LED indicator

About the Zod Juul Charger

The Zod Juul Charger is the perfect travel companion for your Juul wherever you go allowing you to charge your Juul off of your phone or any device with a USB Type-C. The Zod Juul charger offers you a fast and portable way of charging your Juul anywhere you are and is sure to be one Juul accessory you won’t want to miss. This charger has a magnetic connection for your Juul so it snaps on and off the charger with ease.

Each Zod Juul Charger comes with a keychain connection that allows you to carry it with ease as well as having an extra Juul pod holder on the face of the keychain. The Zod Juul Charger has an LED charging indicator to keep you informed on the status of your charge so you know exactly when you’re back in action.

Zod Juul Charger USB Type-C


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