Ziip Iced Pina Colada 4 Pods


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        nCuddle your senses with a tropical coconut milk concoction, synthesized to emulate the alcoholic beverage of Pina Colada. The Ziip Iced Pina Colada 4 ZPods are the most authentic solution to liquor cravings, whilst quenching nicotine hankering at ease. This chilled flavor is the epitome of delicacy, providing the senses with sensual bliss beginning from the first puff. Each pod contains 1ml of liquid, whereby each listing exclusively endows the smoker with 5% salt nic strength . Each of these liquids is made from premium nicotine salts, which perfectly quell even the strongest nicotine cravings. These pods are optimized for use in conjunction with Juul.

        Package contents:

        Ziip Iced Pina Colada 4 Pods – Compatible Cartridges(pods) for JUUL Kit

        Each Ziip pod contains 1mL of eJuice with 5% salt nicotine by weight.

        Ziip Iced Pina Colada Pods Features

        JUUL-compatible pods
        1ml pods
        Nicotine salt formula
        Pack of four
        Price Per Pod: $3.49

Ziip Iced Pina Colada 4 Pods
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