VQ PODS Sampler Pack of 4


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          nhe VQ Pods Sampler Pack should be your top priority, for it offers a sumptuous sampler that consists of the world’s current most popular flavors such as Super Berry, Mango Bliss, Strawberry Milk and Watermelon Ice. Let’s dissect each flavor and see what it truly has to offer your palate. Starting with Super Berry, you should expect a tastefully crafted combination of the finest hand-picked wild berries with every puff. As you move onto Mango Bliss, a strong tropical sensation should overcome your senses like a tide overcomes the beach, presenting a strong mango savor on the first drag. Enter Strawberry Milk, a childhood amalgamation of dairy with strawberry flavors permeates this flavor and brings back memories you had as a kid. And last but not least, the watermelon ice. This flavor renders flavors of mountain-fresh, cool watermelons; this pod should remind you of a chilled Watermelon Fresca. No matter which flavor you go with, VQ has a trick up their sleeve when it comes to treating your senses luxuriously.

VQ PODS Sampler Pack of 4
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