SixT Pineapple 4 Pods


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      nTake a break from your contemporary lifestyle by taking your senses out on a date with the SixT Pineapple Pods, a premium new concoction that has people turning their heads when it hits the atmosphere. Flavors emanate from these pods in ways you never thought were conceivable. From flavors of a tropical honeyed glaze to an intriguing light sour touch, nothing screams ‘pineapple’ more than this product. Mild on the strength factor, these pods will evince a vapor that will embrace your palate in the most satisfying ways without overpowering it. As you commence to take your first puffs, prepare to experience a thick, rich vapor to exit your mouth. Take it all in and ruminate over it as you allow this product to wash away all your problems.

      Package contents:

      SixT Pineapple 4 Pods

      Each SixT pod contains:

      1mL of eJuice with 6% nic by weight

      Price Per Pod: $1.87

SixT Pineapple 4 Pods
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