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PLUS Pods Green Apple 4 Pack


About PLUS Pods Green Apple 4 Pack

For JUUL device users that are interested in a unique flavor experience, PLUS Pods Green Apple flavored pods are an excellent choice. These JUUL compatible pods deliver the crisp taste of green apples. The nicotine salt juice is blended with premium quality flavor and oils that deliver a delightful sweetness with the perfect amount of tanginess; just like a real green apple! The delectable flavor is further enhanced by the exhilarating rush of nicotine. With PLUS Pods Green Apple flavored pod, your cravings will truly be satisfied.

Key Details of the PLUS Pods Green Apple 4 Pack

    •         A package of four premium-quality PLUS Pods JUUL compatible pods  in a juicy and crisp green apple flavor


    •         Each pod is prefilled with 1.0ml of nicotine salt vape juice; more than the standard JUUL Pod, which contains 0.7ml of vape juice


    •         Each pod contains 6% nicotine by weight; 1% more than the standard JUUL Pod


About PLUS Pods

PLUS Pods are designed to be compatible with all JUUL vape devices. Each PLUS Pod is prefilled with a proprietary blend of nicotine salt vape juice, which includes natural flavors, oils, and nicotine. Every PLUS Pod contains 1.0ml of vape juice, compared to the 0.7ml in JUUL Pods, so you can enjoy more puffs per pod. PLUS Pods also contain 6% nicotine by weight, whereas JUUL Pods only offer 5% nicotine by weight, so they’ll really satisfy your cravings for nicotine. With PLUS Pods, your vaping experience will truly be enhanced, thanks to the exhilarating rush of nicotine and incredibly delicious authentic flavors.

*Note: PLUS Pods are not affiliated with or endorsed by JUUL Labs, Inc. Any mention of JUUL products is merely to identify the compatibility of these pods and is solely for informational purposes.

PLUS PODS Green Apple 6%
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