Jmate JUUL Charging Cable



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Jmate JUUL Charging Cable Key Features

    • Charging cable compatible with JUUL devices


    • 3 feet long for more convenient charging


    • Magnetic port attaches automatically when JUUL is close


About Jmate JUUL Charging Cable

Charging your JUUL has never been easier! The Jmate JUUL charging cable is 3ft long making charging your JUUL more convenient than ever. No more worrying about awkward dock stations or less accessible short charging cables. The Jmate charging cable also features a magnetic port that automatically snaps the JUUL right into place.

Forget about dealing with inconvenient charging situations, make charging your trusty JUUL a breeze with this cable! Compatible with the devices found in the JUUL Starter Kit and JUUL Basic Kit.

Jmate JUUL Charging Cable
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