Jmate JUUL Car Charger



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Jmate JUUL Car Charger Key Features


Compact 12V/24V car compatible charger


    • Magnetic JUUL charging slot


    • USB port for charging other devices


About Jmate JUUL Car Charger

The Jmate JUUL Car Charger turns your car’s cigarette lighter port into a multipurpose charger for your JUUL and your cell phone! This sleek little box contains a magnetic charging port that the JUUL snaps right into, perfect for charging on your commute! The device also has a universal USB port that allows you to charge your JUUL and any other USB compatible device at the same time. No more worrying about charging your JUUL with a laptop or an awkward wall charger, just jump in your car and your JUUL will charge on the way!

nCompatible with the devices found in the JUUL Starter Kit and JUUL Basic Kit.

Jmate JUUL Car Charger
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