CROWN Refillable Pods – 4 Pack | JUUL Compatible


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Looking to try out that Salt Nic liquid with a JUUL, but do not have any pods available to fill up? Now you can use Crown Refillable Pods to expand your flavor arsenal and please your palette.

Featuring a 1.0 ml capacity, these pods hold 0.3 ml more liquid than the standard JUUL pod. Coming in a pack of 4, feel free to fill all of them with your favorite salt nic based liquid or reserve a different pod for a different flavor.

CROWN refillable pods are super easy to fill as well! Just pop of the cap (some pressure needed, but not enough to break a nail or anything), remove the plastic cover, and squeeze in which liquid you prefer. Put back on the cover and cap, and you are all set. For best results, allow the liquid to soak into the cotton wicks for a few minutes after filling and keep upright.

Key Features of CROWN refillable pods:



CROWN Refillable Pods – 4 Pack | JUUL Compatible


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