Our mission is to transition the world’s billion adult smokers away from combustible cigarettes, eliminate their use, and combat underage usage of our products.

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JUUL compatible pods are tiny disposable vape cartridges that fit in the JUUL. They consist of a coil, wick and e-liquid containing either nicotine salt or CBD e-juice. At some point you were only able to vape the same few flavors, but now there are more options.The most popular JUUL compatible pods are for regular nicotine vaping. The JUUL device was designed specifically for smokers, so the pods contain high levels of nic salt, a special type of nicotine that tends to be smoother on the throat. JUUL compatible nicotine pods are generally cheaper, contain a bit more e-liquid and offer more flavor options and oftentimes more nicotine compared to the original JUUL pods. Looking for a short and convenient  means to get your daily CBD vape fix? If your answer is  positive, then look no further than the vast selection of CBD JUUL Compatible Vape Pods we present to you. Just as the name, these vape pods are compatible with your standard JUUL device, which is convenient and gives you the satisfaction you want.

Switching form smoking to vaping  could have been obscured and frustrating for some; but not today Compact and easy to use vaping cartridges or how everyone likes to call then “refill pods”, JUUL posa, or Eonsmoke pods, Mr Frog Pods, Ziip pods and more eliminates all these difficulties. By combing simple  and contemporary design with high standard  technologies, alternative pods became an  effective and finest alternative to cigarettes .Select your Juul compatible pods  and refillable pods now OR  you might be interested in some top shelf  weed strains and

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I really appreciate your work. I have been searching for the Vanilla juul pods and when i found it here and place an order, it was delivered to me .Thanks again.
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Hi VAPOR PODS, i received my pods and wanted to thank you .I enjoyed them throughout this summer.I will be back again.
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En though my pods delayed after being shipped , they were delivered to my wife finally . I appreciate the work you put in.
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